NEWS 2023

Adventure golf course

Ready July 1 2023

Åland Open 2023




for children and adults

Adventuregolf course
Ready July 1 2023

We have, among other things a disc golf course, mini golf, soccer field, billiards, fishing, rowing boats, pedal boats, kayaks, sup-board, trampolines, hot tub, wood-fired sauna and electric sauna.

In the playground there are 2 trampolines, climbing frame, slide, sandpit and swings. A football pitch is located next to the mini golf course.
For those who want a larger golf course, it is located next to the adventure park 12 km from the campsite



NEWS 2023!

Adventure golf course
Ready July 1, 2023


Clubs and balls can be rented at reception
-Adults 10 €
-Children-12 year 8 €

Game rules for
Adventure golf course.

  • Each player has his own club and ball. The players should have different colors on the ball, so the players know who hit what.
  • Max 7 (seven) strokes per lane.
  • All players make their first stroke, with the player whose ball is closest to the hole continuing to make their stroke other kinds. Should any balls collide, this is included in the game.
  • If the ball is played into water or off the court, the ball is picked up on the court where it was played down/out. A duty shot is counted in the protocol.
  • If the ball is played into a sand bunker or rough grass, the ball is played from there and no penalty stroke is counted.
  • See the game instructions on how to play each course, where some courses have an easy and a difficult path. You choose  play the hard way and you get through on the easy way, a penalty stroke is counted in the protocol.
  • The flags must always remain in holes.
  • At the end of the game, the number of strokes is added up and the player with the least number of strokes has won.
  • The courses are played in (most cases) in numerical order. Look for what applies at the particular facility you are in playing on.
  • It is the parent/leader’s responsibility to instruct their children about the danger of water ponds, canals, height differences and moving objects/obstacles on the facility.
  • Never stand behind the one who hits.
  • The courses must be played with putters and miniature golf balls.


Here you can play disc golf on our new course, which is called SKAG DGP and has 18 baskets.
The course consists of smooth cliffs, grass, bushes and forest a fun challenging course.
The course is free to play on.
Disc golf involves throwing as few throws from the tee pad to the goal basket.
This sport is suitable for most people and is fun and relaxing.
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Disc golf, also called frisbee golf, is a game that suits everyone regardless of age and gender. The principle for disc golf is the same as for regular golf. In disc golf, the balls and clubs are replaced by a plastic disc. There are discs in different models and weights. Instead of holes like on a regular golf course, there are baskets in disc golf. The winner is the one who goes around the track with the lowest number of throws.


1. The goal of the game is to use as few throws as possible to get the disc from the throw-out spot into the goal basket. 2. The player who is furthest from the basket after the throw may throw the next throw first. The disc is thrown from the spot where the previous throw landed. 3. The hole is finished when the disc is in the goal basket. 4. Be considerate of other players on the court and leave the court in good condition for subsequent players.


– The players are responsible for all discs and throws that are performed. If the disc hits a person or an object, it can cause serious injury.


– Do not throw until you see the basket and always make sure that no one is standing in front of the basket. – Do not throw if the previous group is still putting at the basket.


Rankning A1

Europe Tour 2023

Åland Open

24/7-29/7 2023





Eckerö fishing licences
can be purchased from the reception
1 day 10 euro
3 days 15 euro
7 days 30 euro
Annual pass 120 euro
The fishing license is for individual use only! In other words, another person is not allowed to use your card.
Children under 12 years old can fish for free accompanied by an adult.


Rowing boat 15€/day

Pedalboat 2€/h


Kayak 25€/2h
........... 40€/day



Sup-board 15€/2h
.................. 40€/day


Rent a sauna and hot tub

Start the day with a morning swim and end the evening on smooth cliffs at sunset. You can also enjoy the sun terrace in a quiet and beautiful environment.

Relax in the serene electric sauna or wood burning sauna or hot tub.

Bastu 2022

- Sauna Stugby ( electric sauna) 25€/2h - Sauna Camping (wood-burning sauna)
heat yourself 15€/2h the staff heats 35€/2h - Hot tub 45€/2h

You need book the sauna at least 2 hours in advance. You need to book the hot tub at least 3 hours in advance.
Booking of saunas and hot tub is made via the reception or email: or tel: +358 (0) 457-34 53 329.